Escape to Cabo

For the past two 4th of July’s my family and I (plus my roommate Webb) have taken a week-long trip to Los Cabos, Mexico! This has officially become one of our favorite spots to vacation during this time or the year. We always fly with American Airlines on a direct flight from Charlotte, NC to Los Cabos.

The absolute BEST place to stay on Baja is for sure the Hilton Los Cabos!! The staff that works here literally always treats us like royalty.  From the moment, we show up at the front desk to the second we leave.  Both times we arrived at this fabulous resort we were greeted with cocktails of our choice and then lead to our amazing ocean from room where we found authentic Mexican tequila, guacamole and chips, as well as an assortment of beverages.

This resort has it all! Everyday laying out by the luxurious infinity pool with the most amazing view of the Sea of Cortez we were always offered cold towels to cool us off, homemade fruit popsicle (they were so amazing, strawberry was my favorite!). Jorge, or also known as George of the jungle, would come around everyday offering to clean our sunglasses too! The service here is some of the best I have ever had. 

This resort offers so many different food options as well. There are two main restaurants on the resort one Mexican and Italian.  Since I have a gluten allergy I was very worried about finding things to eat while vacationing here, but this resort had so many options for me to pick from which made it so much easier for me.  There was also a smoothie bars out near the pool which I visited almost every day for lunch!

To celebrate the 4th of July (and yes we know its super ironic that we go to Mexico to celebrate the 4th) the resort puts on a huge cookout on the beach! There are tons of wonderful food, as well as some gluten-free and vegetarian options. The night was full of fun music, dancing, fire dance shows, and fireworks to finish the night!  

In Cabo San Lucas, there is an endless number of things to do! We did several different on shore excursions through Cabo Adventures and Dolphin Discovery.  The first excursion we did was the Dolphin Encounter through Dolphin Discovery Los Cabos. During this excursion, we had the opportunity to ride and feed camels and then proceeded to swim with dolphins in a natural environment. I have swum with dolphins before this time but this was the first time I got to swim with them in a natural environment. It was somewhat intimidating at first because I was not able to see the dolphins as they approach you in the water but it was just amazing to be able to be surrounded by such amazing creatures.

Next we did a sailing and snorkeling excursion through Cabo Adventures! This included sailing around to see the famous Cabo arch! We also got to snorkel in a little cove.  We were so shocked to figure out that the water in the Pacific Ocean was almost ice-cold! Our bodies eventually went numb (no I am not kidding) and we could snorkel and see large groups of beautiful fish and different sea life.

We also got to do Cabo Adventure’s Off-Road Adventure! We got to explore the Baja outback on a powerful four-seater UTV! We saw breathtaking canyon trails, desert mountain, and untouched beaches. This was such an amazing to way to explore Baja Mexico!

Probably my absolute favorite excursions we got to do was the Luxury Sunset Sail!! Being from the East Coast we never get to see the sun set on the ocean, only the sun rise. Sunsets are also one of my most favorite things on the planet.  The colors just make you feel so warm and happy! They served us drinks and dinner on the sailboat on the way out to the arch.  The staff was so nice and helpful during these excursions through Cabo Adventure and I am sure we will be using them in the future!

The last fun adventurous thing we did on vacay was riding horses on the beach! This was not through a company, it was a group of locals that had set up on the beach in front of our resort! We decided to hope on and take a ride down the beach.  We got to see other pretty resorts, and local homes; including George Clooney’s vacation home. This was a fun way to see more of Cabo with the family!

In Cabo there are millions of wonderful places to eat! A few of my favorites were Ediths, The Office, and Flora Farms! Ediths is more on the pricey side and the portions where HUGE! The atmosphere of the restaurant was so pretty and authentic.  It was in  a “rainforest” like environment with an open roof.  The food and margaritas were absolutely amazing.  The office was much more of a party scene! The pricing wasn’t too high but the food was out of this world. Here you could get you basic Mexican dishes along with a sombrero wearing man pouring people shots.  The office is located on the beach! Like you can take 10 steps from your table and be touching the water! I would definitely suggest this restaurant for a younger group of people.  Finally, Flora Farms! This place was all it is talked up to be! The farm itself was stunning and the food just added to it! They had an assortment of different cocktail drinks (I got a carrot margarita…yes carrot!). This place was so homey and welcoming to anyone who stopped by.  We will definitely be visiting the farms again when we go back!



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