Weekend Getaway to Hawaii


I was EXTREMELY lucky to be able to take a quick trip to Oahu during my fall break this year!!! And when I say quick, I mean really quick.  We left on a Wednesday morning from Charlotte, NC around 7:30 AM and landed in Honolulu, Hawaii around 3 pm Pacific Time. We stayed until Saturday and took the red-eye home (overnight flight)! Yes, we traveled 11 hours there and back for 3.5 days of paradise! In those 3.5 days we packed a ton of fun stuff in though! We stayed at the Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach Walk that was right in the middle of everything and the staff was amazing!

On our first day when we first got there we explored Honolulu a little.  We started with the city and Waikiki Beach then we hopped in the rental car and started to sight see around the island! 

The second day we explored North Shore and the town of Haleiwa! When in North Shore you have to stop at The Pipeline to see what kind of action is happening out in the waves.  We witnessed some amazing surfers taking on massive waves.  I’m talking like 15 feet high!!! It was so incredible to see the talent of such young surfers.


Once we made it to the town of Haleiwa I got to check off a major item on my bucket list, Haleiwa Bowls!!! I ate a ton of acai while I was in Hawaii and, well I eat a ton of acai just in general but this was by far the best bowl I have ever had. The fruit was so fresh and the bowls were so big. If I could I would fly back to Hawaii for 1 day just to eat another one of these bowls!

To finish our day we ended up on Sunset Beach to relax and take it all in while watching the sunset. I remember while we sat here in the peace and quiet a sense of gratefulness came over me. It reminded me that life is awesome and no matter what there will always be a beautiful ending. Kind of like a sunset on a crappy day.

The day before we had to leave my family and I got up early and went for a long run on Waikiki Beach and through the city! I love getting a good workout in on vacation and this was the perfect way of doing it! We then spent most of the day on the beach just relaxing before a night full of fun that we had planned! We went to the Chief’s Hawaiian Luau and it was so authentic and fun! They had lots of yummy food and the entertainment was out of this world!

On our last day there we decided to get up super early and hike Diamond Head! This was something I am glad we didn’t skip out on.  The hike wasn’t too bad and was very doable for all ages.  It took us about an hour to make it to the top from the center crater.  It was a long way up but once we reached the top the view was breath taking!

Once we made it back to the bottom we stopped at KCC Farmers Market to get some brunch! This farmers market had EVERYTHING! From juices and vegan burgers to Kona coffee and roasted almonds.  We started out with a couple of bags of roasted almonds that were to die for then we found acai!!! And of course we had to get it.  We didn’t just get it in a bowl either, it was in a pineapple! It was so yummy and fresh (although I still think Haleiwa Bowls were better). We then wondered a little more and picked up some Kona coffee and then we found yet again another acai booth. So what did we do? We got another bowl! This was just as good as the other but was much larger! Needless to say we were going to turn into acai if we didn’t leave this amazing farmers market soon!

 Later that evening it was, sadly, time for us to head back to the East coast. I am so thankful and so blessed to have a family to travel the world with. 


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