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Sports Bra // Tank // Long Sleeve

Headband // Sweatshirt // Water bottle 

Yoga mat // Shoes

OMG! The holidays are over, it is a new year, and spring is just around the corner! Time to start planning fun trips and get a head start on that bikini bod. Living a healthy lifestyle has always been something that’s been really important to me. These are a few of my health and fitness habits that I am going to attempt to stick to this year and I think it will make a huge difference when it comes to maintaining a fit body all year-long:

1. Eat breakfast every morning with ACV water (benefits of ACV post coming soon).

2. Create a weekly schedule for your workout routines and stick to it!

3. Drink TONS of water At least 8 glasses a day.

4. Get enough sleep every night – at least 8 hours.

5. Find a partner or workout buddy to help motivate and keep you on tract.

6. Make a bomb playlist for the gym.

7. Meditate and Journal at least 4 times a week! This is the main thing that keeps me sane during the year.

8. Cardio. Yes, it’s a struggle but it’s the best exercise. Do at least 30 minutes of cardio to start your workout.

9. YOGA!!!

10. Make sure you keep your pantry and fridge full of yummy healthy foods.

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