Book Review: Uninvited


Who doesn’t love cozying up to a good book and you instantly get the feeling like you are chatting with a friend over coffee. Well, with this book I felt like Lysa and I became best of buds from the very start.

As women I am sure we have all felt uninvited at some point in our lives. We crave deep personal relationships and that’s simply because that’s the way God made us! The friendships we have in our lives are extremely important to us women . 

I remember around this time last year I watched as one of my friendships fell apart.  Even though I had an amazing group of women during this time I felt somewhat alone.  We can all relate to this right? It happens to the best of us.

Lysa really hits the nail on the head when discussing the feeling of rejection and loneliness in Uninvited. Throughout each chapter I kept finding myself nodding my head or say “omg same.” She discusses the damaging beliefs and harsh judgments we put on ourselves. Then she offers us the truth and promises found in God’s word. 

I think every person should read this book. It reminds us that God’s love for us is so real! Personally, it reminded me that when I am in a time of need or when I am feeling Uninvited He wants me to run to Him. To crave Him. And to find comfort in Him.


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