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Weekend in Gatlinburg, TN


Hey y’all! This past weekend me and all of my favorite people took a weekend trip to Gatlinburg, TN. “Gatlinburg is a mountain town in eastern Tennessee, is known as a gateway to the roughly 520,000-acre Great Smoky Mountains National Park.”

We rented a cabin through Carolina Cabin Rentals! These people were amazing. They made everything so easy to do. From booking the cabin to check-out! The people at the office were so kind and the cabin was amazing. There was plenty of sleeping room for all 12 of us.  There was a pool table room, spacious living room, and a wrap around porch with a hot tub where we were all able to hang out. 

The first couple days we spent in the Gatlinburg we just hung out around the cabin playing games and relaxing in the hot tub! The second night when everyone finally arrive we did a cookout on the grill that was also available to us! 

The next morning we all got up and helped cook a brunch for everyone and then got ready to head into town. The weather wasn’t too bad so we didn’t have to bundle up too much. Once we got into town the first thing we did was get some coffee to sip on as we walked around! Us girls then wanted to ride the ski lift up the side of the mountain to see the view of the whole town and mountains surrounding it! After, we met up with the guys to go play putt-putt, laser tag, bumper cars, and an escape room (yes, I know we are children lol). To end the night in town we found a fun little tavern that was playing the Carolina vs Tennessee game (unfortunately we lost…)! 


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BUT! I must mention the main reason we planned this trip was to celebrate THREE 21st birthdays happening this month (the girls pictured above)! We wanted to do something fun to celebrate all of them together other than just a dinner on their birthday so we figured a weekend away with everyone was the best wat to do it! Needless to say I have the bestest of friends and these trips we take together will always be some of the best memories from my college years. 


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