Travel Guide to Los Cabos


How to get here: We always fly American Airlines! A lot of the time we use points for this trip as well. This airline always has really good customer service. Normally we will fly a direct flight to Cabo although this time we left on a Sunday rather than a Saturday like normal and there are no direct flights on Sundays! So we had around an hour layover in Dallas, TX which gave us just enough time to get a snack and some coffee before boarding our next flight! The connect between flights was super easy (we don’t normally book flights with stops but we didn’t have a choice this time)!




resort .jpg

Where to stay: As I have talked about in my previous Cabo post we always stay at the Hilton Los Cabos!! This was our third time staying here and I swear it gets better every time! Since we have been multiple times some of the workers began to recognize us from previous years and therefore we were helped out with anything we needed. The people here are so kind and willing to do anything for you! The Hilton Los Cabos has exceeded our expectations every year!!  




flora farms




r&j 2r&j 3R&j 1

What to eat: There are so many amazig places to eat here! First, the resorts on locaton restaurants are some of our go to’s while here. They are not only convenient because we dont have to drive anywhere but the food is also so delicious! There is a Mexican restaurant, El Meson, and an Italian restaurant, Azul. The hotel also has a breakfast buffet every morning. I love stayig in and eating at these options becuase a lot of the food and beverage coordinators are aware of my gluten allergy therefore I always feel super safe eating here! Another restaurant that we go to every year is Flora Farms! Flora Farms is an all organic resaurant with tons of vegitarian and gluten free options availble! A New place we tried this year was Romeo y Julieta! This place was to die for!!!! There was plenty of gluten free and vegitarian options for me although I could have lived off of the table side ceasar salad alone. I got a gluten free pasta dish with a cream sauce, mushrooms, and spinach! Other places we like to go to in Cabo are The Office, Ediths, Jazz and Tapas, and Los Deseos Restaurant & Cantina!!! 


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