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Gym-less Booty Workout

workout 2

Alright y’all get up off the couch and get that booty moving!!! Today I’m sharing my favorite booty workout from the Sweat it to Shred it ebook that I did this morning. This booty workout had my glutes on fire after only a few reps! Being a person that loves cardio and running being my go-to thing I tend to notice well my booty is not all that there (lol just trying to keep it real with y’all). This workout specifically gives my glutes a good workout in and it only takes around 35 minutes! You can also do this workout anywhere! No gym or equipment is required at all! In your house, backyard, beach, a park, anywhere!! 

  • Set 1: repeat x41 minute of stretch/ warm up
    • 1 minute of hip thrust
  • Set 2: repeat x41 minute right leg glute kick-backs
    • 1 minute left leg glute kick-backs
  • Set 3: repeat x41 minute narrow squat
    • 1 minute sumo squat


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